21 Food Carts List

Portland 美食旅程開啟新的一頁~~ 我們開始吃 Portland 有名的 Food Carts! Eater PDX 除了 38 essential restaurants 之外,有個 21 must-have food carts,目前找到的是 2013 年一月的調查,他們請網友們提名自己覺得 Portland 五百多家 Food Carts 裡,哪些是 couldn't live without (沒有就不能
活了) ! 


1. Nong's Khao Man Gai - 海南雞飯,位置:SW 10th/Alder。推薦指數:5
2. Tabor
3. The People's Pig
4. Noodle House Food Cart - 蘭州手拉麵,位置:SW Washington/9th and 10th。推薦指數:1
5. Aybla Grill - 中東 gyro or platter,位置:SE Belmont/42。推薦指數:4
6. La Cocina de Chepe
7. Viking Soul Food - 挪威 lefse,位置:SE Belmont/42。推薦指數:3.5
8. Thrive Food Cart
9. Euro Trash
10. Papa-Pau Sonoran Dogs - CLOSED

11. The Frying Scotsman - 英式炸魚薯條,位置:SW 9th/Alder。推薦指數:3.5
12. Pepper Box
13. Eurodish
14. Gonzo - 中東 falafel sandwich,位置:SE Portland。推薦指數:2.5
15. Built to Grill - CLOSED
16. Koi Fusion - 韓式 taco,位置:Bridgeport Village。推薦指數:4.5
17. The Big Egg
18. The Cheese Plate PDX
19. The Egg Carton  - 蛋三明治,breakfast/brunch,位置:52/SE Foster。推薦指數:5
20. Potato Champion

21. 808 Grinds - 夏威夷菜,位置 SW 9th/Washington。推薦指數:4.2


Anonymous said...

Koi Fusion goes to Intel regularly--CT should know. :)

Yi-Ying Yu (Vicky) said...

If you have the schedule, please forward it to me!!!!!
I have asked CT to check the Intel food carts schedule so many times, but he seems never to be able to figure out!!

Anonymous said...

(Sorry I just posted this response on the wrong entry and can't remove the response...)

Check out the link below-it's first Tue. of every month, so the carts are coming again soon! http://www.foodcartsportland.com/intel/

Can't wait to read your take on Carte Blanche (;)). BTW, they have a decent seating area.