Saving money tips

Recently we spent a lot of money on car rental and hotel because of preparing for moving, and I saved a lot of money by using these two websites...

If you use its "bid" function, you will be able to find a very good price for rental...etc.
For example, today I just booked a car for $12/day from this website. You may also find a 3-star hotel for $30 here.

Here you can find coupon code for many companies. It is especially useful when you do online shopping. Last month I used this website to book a car from Hertz for 40% off!


aya said...

Thank you for posting these info. Very useful!
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YY said...

Hi Aya,

Thank you for the comment~ ^^
Your online face expression is cute! Glad to know that the info is useful to you!

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YY said...

對阿~ Atlanta 的葉子已經開始掉了,氣溫也慢慢降下來,秋天已經來啦!