Tonight we safely arrived we stay in a studio suite hotel...tomorrow we are going to look for apartments.

The feeling I have now is very similar to what I had when I first arrived the U.S. in 2004. I don't know anybody here...don't know the direction...even the stores. The convenient stores I am familiar with are not common here...e.g. one CVS is 13 miles away! Another is 80 miles aways!! The closest Walgreens took us 10 mins drive to get there. What are the big pharmacy chain stores on the west coast??

Anyway, it's a new adventure.


material girl said...

Oh-ya! Oh-ya! You are in Portland!! \^o^/

Speaking of Wallgreens, this is another proof that you don't need to have good English to be a pharmacist in the west coast. This is what happened yesterday:

Me: I'm picking up my prescription.
Pharmacist: Swipe your card and sign here.
(I swiped and signed. She gave me the medicine.)
Pharmacist: Ok. Next customer!!

She didn't explain the medicine at all. A pharmacist in the west coast only needs to have the basic language skill as a cashier!

YY said...

hm...I wish National Board of Pharmacy has the same opinion as yours.

I think you look smart and your disease is not complicated so she doesn't need to explain the medicine to you. Maybe to an old...sick...patient she will need to talk more. I hope pharmacists can do more work than cashiers!!