We are stuck!!

Now it's 24 F outside...
We are staying at a hotel near Portland Airport.
We don't have the snow chain, so we can't drive our car back to home.

Tomorrow whole day the temperature is going to be below 32 F

The hotel said tomorrow they will use their shuttle to take us to the auto part near by and then take us back to the airport.

Luckily I prepared extra underwear for us.


Sandra & Michael said...

That is nice,
which hotel?
drive carefully.

YY said...

Thank you!

We stayed at Comfort Suite. We have got back home safely this noon.

material girl said...

Portland 久久才下一次雪, 居然就被妳們遇到了!! 恭喜啊... ^^;

幸好平安回家了! ^o^

勤文 said...


YY said...

姊, 對阿,我也覺得,這機率實在很低!今年天氣很怪,到現在雨下得不多,卻下雪了,而且聽說明年還要下。

媽, 我是穿羽毛內裡外面防風防水的外套,再加上毛帽、手套、圍巾、雪鞋。以前在 Boston 的裝備都用上了!